Linda's Kid Academy


The Linda’s Kids Program and Academy was founded by Rev. Linda Brown. Rev. Brown left a 25 year career in Christian television to become a missionary. It is through her vision that the program began five years ago with four children and has expanded to include an additional 46 children. 

The Academy opened January 28, 2015 in the village of Ololkilaleng with 46 babies between the ages of three and six years old. Our promise is to provide quality education with degreed Kenyan teachers. The kids get two meals a day, their uniforms, and educational supplies. They are learning three languages: Masai, Swahili, and English. We have volunteers that come throughout the year and work with our kids. The children are being exposed to the world.

In order to create an atmosphere where there is community pride and partnership, each parent helps with a nonnominal “commitment fee”.  This means New Frontiers Health Force is committed to sponsoring all 46 children. We work hard to engage our partners in the USA to adopt a child for a year.


Sponsor a Child:

$350 per year—includes uniforms, food, educational supplies, and teaching staff.

We also want our sponsors to know that we do ask the parents to partner with us and pay a very nominal fee for their child’s education. This empowers them and gives them pride in the school.  

If interested in adopting a child, please contact Rev. Linda Brown at or go to our Donate page.