Do I have to be medical?

NO. If you have a desire to help people, you can participate in any of our outreaches which include short-term teams, sports camps, educational programs, and internships. 

What would I do?

Medical professionals have the opportunity to participate in short-term medical camps, work in our bush clinics, and teach in educational seminars.

Non-medical volunteers serve in assisting in our medical camps, teaching, facilitating sports camps, community education, construction, IT, and children's minitry.

Do I need any special training?

NO, but we do recommend if you have an opportunity to take the "Field Medicine for Health Professionals" seminar, this is a great way to prepare. This seminar is offered once a year in Florida.  Dr. Hawthorne will do lectures in Kenya and for selected health professionals, you will be eligible for CEU's.

What should I do as a medical professional about licensure and malpractice insurance?

Practicing health professionals must have a current US license and be in good standing with your medical/professional board. You will need to bring a copy of your license with you to Kenya.

Physician Kenya Medical License-if you will be working for more than 4 weeks at our clinics, you will need to apply for a "Short-term Medical License". Contact Dr. Hawthorne for details.

You do not need malpractice insurance.

All health providers and health extenders are working under Dr. Hawthorne's license and the Ngoswani Community Health Center.  You will be subject to our protocols and practices.

Do I need any special immunizations or medications?

YES.  You must provide us with proof of a current tetanus.  (Currently, Yellow Fever is not required.  We continue to monitor the Kenyan Government entry requirements)

You will be required to take prophylactic anti-malarial medication, either Mefloquin or Malarone (unless contraindicated). Please see your primary physician.

How much does a trip cost?

Trip costs vary based on the amount of time in country and DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE. (Airfares range from $1100 to $2400 depending on the season.)

10 days to 2 weeks $1600
3 weeks to 4 weeks    $2200
5 weeks to 7 weeks    $2800
8 weeks to 10 weeks  $3400
11 weeks to 12 weeks  $4000
Refer to E-file page "The Money".