Sponsor a Child

Children of Promise

The children pictured here are the original four kids who inspired Rev. Linda Brown to begin the Linda’s Kids Program. By watching a small girl attempt to start a fire with a baby strapped to her back to recognizing that by getting permission to put a girl in school rescued her from circumcision and an early marriage, Rev. Brown is changing lives.

We are proud of these four kids. Two of the four are attending boarding school and it is our goal to make sure all four get to continue their education through high school graduation. 

$750 per year sponsors one of these kids.  It is a little more expensive due to boarding school. This includes their education, uniforms, school fees, school supplies, and any incidentals.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or partnering in the education of our four original children, please go to the Donate page or email Rev. Linda Brown at fieldphoto@aol.com